Hitler was a Creationist- Reply to Richard Kouchoo

From: Glenn Morton (glennmorton@entouch.net)
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 07:20:56 EDT

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    Hi Richard, I am changing the thread topic.

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    >>>>You don't ever seem to answer questions. I don't know how you deal with
    >sociopaths like my mother, who had no conceience. I don't know who your
    >favorite philosopher is. I don't even know why you keep calling me names.
    >(Walter Hicks, are you listening in). With every note you fly a little
    >closer to the sun. Come back down a bit and lets DISCUSS things rather than
    >have a monologue accusing me of all sorts of things. My my,
    >genocide? wow.<<<
    >Implications are all important.
    >Genocide is just an example, an implication, of your proposed evolutionary
    >development of morality. Why should some groups not destroy others
    >if it's good
    >for their evolutionary advancement - survival is the game in this
    >scheme. Nazis
    >used this kind of reasoning to excuse their immorality.

    This clearly shows you haven't gone and looked at the original issue of Mein
    Kampf. You have just believed YEC propaganda, which is sadly wrong here as
    well. The original edition of Mein Kampf has the following statements sent
    to me by a friend and I checked him out.

    AH> [...] and this planet will, as it did thousands of years
    AH> ago, move through the ether devoid of men. (p. 65)

    The second edition, a footnote states, substitutes "millions" for

    AH> By helping to raise man above the level of bestial vegetation,
    AH> faith contributes in reality to the securing and
    AH> safeguarding of his existence. Take away from
    AH> present-day mankind its education-
    AH> based, religious-dogmatic principles-or, practically
    AH> speaking, ethical-moral principles-by abolishing this
    AH> religious education, but without replacing it by an
    AH> equivalent, and the
    AH> result will be a grave shock to the foundations of their
    AH> existence. We may therefore state that not only does
    AH> man live in order to serve higher ideals, but that,
    AH> conversely, these higher ideals also provide the premise
    AH> for his existence. Thus the circle closes. (pp. 379-380)

    Home schoolers don't want children's education separated from religion
    either. I am not saying that homeschoolers are dangerous. But I am tired of
    people who haven't read Mein Kampf claiming that Hitler was motivated by
    evolution simply to use that falsehood to bash evolution. Hitler was a
    creationist pure and simple.

    AH> Thus, it [the folkish philosophy] by no means believes
    AH> in an equality of races, but along with their difference
    AH> it recognizes their higher or lesser value and
    AH> feels itself obligated, through this knowledge, to
    AH> promote the victory of the better and stronger, and
    AH> demand the subordination of the inferior and weaker
    AH> in accordance with the eternal will that dominates this
    AH> universe. (p. 383)

    Where does 'eternal will' fall into Darwinian theory???? This was Hitler's
    religious stance, not evolutionary stance.

    AH> The undermining of the existence of human culture by the
    AH> destruction of its bearer seems in the eyes of a folkish
    AH> philosophy the most execrable crime. Anyone who dares
    AH> to lay hands on the highest image of the Lord commits
    AH> sacrilege against the benevolent Creator of this
    AH> miracle and contributes to the expulsion from
    AH>paradise. (p. 383)

    AH> A folkish state must therefore begin by raising marriage
    AH> from the level of a continuous defilement of the race,
    AH> and give it the consecration of an institution which is
    AH> called upon to produce images of the Lord and not
    AH> monstrosities halfway between AH> man and ape. (p. 402)

    AH> Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will
    AH> of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am
    AH> fighting for the work of the Lord. [original italics]
    . Adolf Hitler, from "Mein Kampf", translation by Ralph Mannheim.

    Hitler clearly believed in creationism. And he used his religious stand to
    go after the Jews.
    >Please stop telling me that I 'name-call'. I haven't done anything
    >of the sort.
    >If you want me to get off this list, ask me nicely, and I'll be on my way.

    Boy, once again a reading problem. I never said I wanted you to leave. I
    want you to stay and actually discuss substantive issues. And I would like
    you to stop running down chains of logic you THINK apply to me when they
    don't. I would like you to get the facts right like Hitler above was
    initially a creationist. After all, going from Capuchin's not liking their
    neighbor getting more food for the same task to thinking I believe in
    genocide is quite a logical leap--I would like you to stop that as well. But
    leave the list? never. Stay and discuss things as long as you wish.

    And you still didn't answer the questions I asked. What about humans who
    have no concience? I will not ask who your favorite philosopher is again. It
    clearly isn't Hitler since you have never actually read him.

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