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Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 23:04:39 EDT

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    >Well one thing to note,
    >Glenn states here he was publishing pro-YEC
    >scientific work. As such, he must have had a
    >higher profile among professional YEC's - by
    >this I mean people like AIG & ICR as opposed
    >to people like your daughter. OF COURSE
    >they are going to turn on him when he rejects
    >these views. He was an active proponent of
    >the views in question. They knew who he
    >was and they needed to make him appear
    >to be uncredible in order to maintain their
    >own credibility in the eyes of people who
    >respected Glenn's views. Correct me if
    >I got the politics wrong here Glenn.

    You got the politics correct. They were shocked when one of their own
    changed. I think I am the only publishing YEC to change in mid career. I
    hear rumors about Gish wishing he had taken a different tack but now too
    many people depend on him. But that is all they are--rumors.

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