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Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 21:47:14 EDT

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    > Allen:
    > Glenn Morton wrote:
    > snip
    > >
    > > Having spent 20+ years as a YEC, I can assure you that I have a pretty
    > > understanding of their position. I published 30 items arguing for YEC.
    > > I said above is fair because they take a single interpretation of
    > > and assume that it is GOD's interpretation and expect everyone then to
    > > accept it. When you add the 'us vs. them' attitude they engender, you
    get a
    > > world view in which they believe they are the standard of truth and in
    > > anyone who disagrees with their standard is a 'son of satan' (a term I
    > > been called by them).
    > To me this is like condemning all italians after being mugged in an alley
    by one
    > some time in the past.
    > Several questions to Allen Roy:
    > Is this really the way that _YOU_ feel?
    > Do you think that Glenn's assessment is correct -- or does he just know a
    > narrow subspace of YECs?

    Well one thing to note,
    Glenn states here he was publishing pro-YEC
    scientific work. As such, he must have had a
    higher profile among professional YEC's - by
    this I mean people like AIG & ICR as opposed
    to people like your daughter. OF COURSE
    they are going to turn on him when he rejects
    these views. He was an active proponent of
    the views in question. They knew who he
    was and they needed to make him appear
    to be uncredible in order to maintain their
    own credibility in the eyes of people who
    respected Glenn's views. Correct me if
    I got the politics wrong here Glenn.

    Is that a narrow subspace? Well, probably. Is
    it significant that professionals whose life's work
    is to spread YEC acted like that? I think so.
    As we say in auditing, the tone is set at the top.

    Does it have anything to do with people like
    your daughter and does it reflect upon her?
    Probably not, but it's similar to the point that
    Aulie makes about ID in his review of Pandas
    and People. It is the existence of this silent
    majority of people who don't really know
    the facts but support a position that when
    investigated turns out to be dishonest at
    worst and negligently careless at best that permit
    this sort of nonsense to keep going. Do they
    have an affirmative duty to check this stuff out?
    I would say generally no ... if they are going
    to sit on school boards and start evaluating
    textbooks I would set the bar higher - a lot

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