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Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 19:56:09 EDT

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    > Thank you for this, karl. I met Padgett when I spoke at the Oxford/CCCU
    > workshops a few years ago. He's really bright, knows a lot about philosophy
    > and intellectual history as well as theology and science. I'm looking
    > forward to seeing these things myself.
    > I also urged him to send PSCF an article.
    > ted

    Hi Ted. Thanks for the comment. As long as I'm pushing papers and books, I
    might as well point out that the same issue of Dialog has a number of articles
    on theology and environmental/ecological issues. Some of them will set the
    teeth of part of this list on edge, but I'm partial to Paul Santmire's
    excellent (IMHO) contribution "So that He might fill all things: Comprehending the
    cosmic love of Christ".

    Santmire recently retired from being a parish pastor and apparently has been
    busy at the computer keyboard. He also has a paper in the Summer 2003
    environmental theme issue of Christian Scholar's Review, along with others such as
    Cal DeWitt, Loren Wilkinson, and (your colleagues at Messiah) Joseph Sheldon
    and David Foster. Santmire has an interesting take on the stewardship theme in
    "Partnership with nature according to the Scriptures: Beyond the theology of
    stewardship". (Abstracts are available at <A HREF="">> )

    And for the liturgically inclined on the list, he also has a related paper "A
    critical challenge for ecological theology: Liturgical renewal" in the
    Sewanee Theological Review, 2003, v. 46, p. 423-446.
    (See, I told you he's been busy!)

    Karl V. Evans

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