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Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 17:10:46 EDT

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    Josh wrote:

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    -I was reminded of something along these lines during the worship service
    this morning. Our pastor mentioned that the Word of God, the bible, was
    written by 40 authors, over several continents, in several languages, over
    several millenia. Yet, despite the development of the times, cultures, etc.
      despite the fact that sheep herders and scholars all wrote parts of the
    bible, it remains a text seemless in character conveying the same message
    from begginning to end. The reason is that God's spirit moved all the
    people, of all different sorts and of all kinds of infallible nature, to
    record and write His truths. The nature of the bible, then, even lends
    itself to a kind of evolutionary development as God used the resources in
    His hand to leave an accurate and precise witness of His character for all
    to understand. God didn't just magically cause the sky to rain bibles one
    === End Quote ===========

    This is why the witness of the Bible Wheel is so powerful. It VISUALLY
    reveals the divine unity of Scripture he spoke of. This then is greatly
    amplified when the geometric structure is itself isomorphic to the
    *cruciform* halo used since the 6th Century to denote Christ in Christian
    iconography, thereby linking the geometric structure of the Bible to its
    fundamental Kerygma, namely, the Cross! And besides all this, it looks like
    a piece of art.

    The naturally history of the Bible, with its 40+ highly disparate authors,
    three languages, span of 1500 years, reveals how God works in history. Its
    very incarnational, deep and profound. It is very "evolutionary" in that it
    is continuous with creation - indeed God used all the elements of Creation
    to manifest His word. This gives value to all elements of creation, which
    indeed shall glorify their Maker.

    But it is important to note that this is distinct from the theory of biotic
    evolution which posits it all goes on with out God's guidance. In the case
    of the development of the Bible, God is very active, only His Hand is

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