Re: Fragility and tendentiousness

From: allenroy (
Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 15:26:54 EDT

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    Steve Petermann wrote:

    > Question is, if this [not being able to tell if something is natural or
    > supernatural] is true, what does that say to theology?

    Very little I think. Since we don't know enough about nature to be able to
    distinguish if God works within nature or supernaturally, then it is irrelevant
    which way God actually works. He could work either way and we'd have no way of
    knowing. Thus, God could create something and we could never know how, unless
    God took us into his confidence and explained how. Or, God could raise someone
    from the dead and we would not know if it was a miracle or natural according to
    God's understanding of nature.


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