RE: Report on the YEC seminar in Durango, 9-2003

From: Josh Bembenek (
Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 15:21:41 EDT

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    >The God of the Bible (Genesis 1:11,20,24) ordered the LAND to bring forth
    >living creatures. According to the Hebrew, it was the LAND (eretz) which
    >brought forth the animals. He also ordered the water to bring forth life.
    >That is exactly what evolution and the scientific evidence says happened.
    >The water and the land did bring forth life, a confirmation of the Biblical
    >account. The problem with antievolutionism is that it leads to people not
    >reading the Scriptural account very carefully.

    -I was reminded of something along these lines during the worship service
    this morning. Our pastor mentioned that the Word of God, the bible, was
    written by 40 authors, over several continents, in several languages, over
    several millenia. Yet, despite the development of the times, cultures, etc.
      despite the fact that sheep herders and scholars all wrote parts of the
    bible, it remains a text seemless in character conveying the same message
    from begginning to end. The reason is that God's spirit moved all the
    people, of all different sorts and of all kinds of infallible nature, to
    record and write His truths. The nature of the bible, then, even lends
    itself to a kind of evolutionary development as God used the resources in
    His hand to leave an accurate and precise witness of His character for all
    to understand. God didn't just magically cause the sky to rain bibles one

    >"...whosoever believeth in him AND NOT EVOLUTION shall not perish but have
    >eternal life."

    -This doesn't seem exactly accurate or fair. They believe that you cannot
    compromise the integrity of the bible, therefore NOT EVOLUTION. You simply
    believe that evolution does not compromise the integrity of the bible. If
    they are right, somehow, and the earth is young and the bible clearly
    demonstrates this fact, then they have the right to express NOT Evolution-
    and since they believe this, then they express that belief. If they are
    wrong, they are mistaken, but I don't believe they are adding to the gospel-
    they are misinterpreting it. How do you approach someone who clearly
    misrepresents the bible in your mind? I think your email demonstrates that
    you take the same aggressive approach to those who distort what you view the
    bible to say. The real issue is whether we can accomodate for legitimate,
    honest differences of opinion on what the authority of scripture reveals to
    us. If the authority of scripture justifies OUR interpretation on issues
    that are unclear or debatable, then obviously we can not tolerate the views
    of our opposition. Disagreements between Mormons and Fundamentalists are
    different than disagreements amongst fundamentalist christians with
    different views of origins. However, once you decide that your view is the
    fully sanctioned view, all disagreements are the same: heresy verses the
    truth. In my opinion, Christians should be able to categorize their
    disagreements, assigning particular areas of truth degrees of confidence.
    Our confidence in Christ is unwavering, our confidence in the act of
    creation which no human ever witnessed might be somewhat less.


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