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Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 07:11:46 EDT

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    > > I'll be happy to when I meet them. Disseminating an
    > >unauthorized translation of
    > >the Bible would get you into trouble. & both Wycliffe & Wishart
    > >disagreed with Rome on
    > >other matters.
    > Agreed, but Wycliffe was kidnapped out of Amsterdam (I believe) because he
    > was shipping bibles to England. The main thing he wanted was for the average
    > person to read the Bible for himself. To stop that, the authorities killed
    > him. If he hadn't been doing that, he probably would have been safe in
    > otherwise tolerant Holland.

            Wycliffe was not executed - though I'm not sure whether he literally "died in
    bed." He was condemned posthumously by the Council of Constance & ~40 years after his
    death his bones were dug up & burned. You may be confusing him with Tyndale, who was
    sending Bibles to England & was betrayed to RC authorities in Belgium & burned.


    George L. Murphy

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