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Date: Sun Sep 21 2003 - 03:06:29 EDT

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    James Mahaffy wrote:

    > I thought Michael Roberts recent response to Allen Roy [although Allen comes
    > close to matching tit for tat] was a little harsh ...

    I do get carried away, but I feel if you are going to pass it around, you should be
    prepared to receive it. My teeth were cut, so to speak, on beginning
    in the mid-1980s where flaming and ridicule is the order of the day. Name-calling,
    i.e. flaming, of course, does not solve anything, but I see nothing wrong in
    pointing out inconsistencies, lapses of logic, lack of evidence and apparent lack
    of knowledge.

    > Now I am curious Allen. I assume you are a scientist, but can you tell me or us
    > more about yourself? Do you teach in an SDA college?

    I am a self-employed tour guide at Grand Canyon. I give interpretations of the
    rocks and canyon within the global cataclysm paradigm to those families and groups
    who are sick and tired of all the evolutionary propaganda.

    I am self-educated in geology, having had one formal geology class in college.
    However, I have since read widely in geology text books and technical journals
    (creationary and non-creationary) especially concerning Grand Canyon. Lately, I've
    become quite interested in the philosophical foundations and presuppositions of
    science. And, I am currently writing a paper comparing erosional and depositional
    features and structures of the lower Colorado River (beginning at the Grand Wash
    Cliffs) with similar features found in the Channeled Scablands and Columbia River
    gorge due to the Bretz Flood. Conclusion: The lower Colorado River was formed by a
    large flood similar to the Bretz Flood.

    Thanks for the complements concerning being a scientist and teacher. I wish. But
    then, a tour guide is a teacher of sorts. :) Perhaps someday I can finish a
    formal education in geology. My education thus far includes an AA in Civil
    Engineering Technology. And, nearly enough credits for a BS in Computer Science.


    PS. I am an SDA.

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