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Date: Sat Sep 20 2003 - 21:55:10 EDT

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    I thought Michael Roberts recent response to Allen Roy [although Allen
    comes close to matching tit for tat] was a little harsh when he said,

    > Sorry to be blunt, but but those who want to add to the revelation of Christ
    > are totally and utterly wrong and should not be regarded as anything but some
    > kind of heretic. It would be far more honest to say that you reject the
    > teaching of science because of the visions of a Victorian lady and not to
    > pretend that your beliefs have any scientific substance to them.

    This is a reference to Seventh Day Adventists. It is true that
    historically they have been classified a cult, but I think it is also
    true that many SDA's would consider themselves evangelical although
    there apparently are still two strains in the denomination. The more
    evangelical wing often does not elevate the teachings of Ellen White to
    the same level as scripture. See:
    I am not an expert on this area, but this looked like one good site.

    I think I heard that SDA's commitment to a flood model [but not
    necessarily a young earth] did originally stem from Ellen's writings [so
    M.R. might be partly right]. However, I imagine they would claim it is a
    scriptural position regardless of what White wrote.

    However, SDA's have and do made a significant to scholarship that is
    often lacking in some YEC circles. Their academics have remained active
    in sharing their work in mainstream publications. I have come to really
    appreciate Art Chadwick and suggest to my students that if they want to
    keep their YEC position to read Roth's 1998 book so they know one of the
    better defenses of the position. Take a look at Jon Clarke's words in
    an earlier post to this list. It can be found at url: And some of the best
    scholarship on the history of Creationsism in the US was done by an ex
    SDA, Ron Numbers.

    If we want to understand the YEC movement, communication with some of
    the SDA scholars would be good. This list needs Allen Roy and Bill
    Payne [not SDA].

    Now I am curious Allen. I assume you are a scientist, but can you tell
    me or us more about yourself? Do you teach in an SDA college?

    Blind copy to Art and Jon [I don't want their e-mails on the public
    archives - in case spammers harvest from the archives]

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