Re: RFEP and the Heart of Christianity

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Sat Sep 20 2003 - 21:02:45 EDT

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    Karl Evans write:

    Alan Padgett has recently published an article
    advocating the use of the theologia crucis for the science/faith dialogue.
    See his
    "Crucified Creator: The God of Evolution and Luther's Theology of the Cross"
    Dialog: A Journal of Theology, 2003, v. 42, p. 300-304.

    As Padgett put it, "Luther is not the only, or even the first, theologian of

    the cross. But his presentation is powerful and central in Christian
    and deserves serious engagement."

    Padgett also has a new book out, which presumably expands on this article.
    haven't seen it yet, but the title is Science and the Study of God (2003,

    Thank you for this, karl. I met Padgett when I spoke at the Oxford/CCCU
    workshops a few years ago. He's really bright, knows a lot about philosophy
    and intellectual history as well as theology and science. I'm looking
    forward to seeing these things myself.

    I also urged him to send PSCF an article.


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