Re: Report on the YEC seminar in Durango, 9-2003

From: George Murphy (
Date: Sat Sep 20 2003 - 19:46:35 EDT

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    Glenn Morton wrote:
    > >This much more I will say, Joe. If I really believed the Bible taught
    > >what you think it teaches, I could not in any way take it seriously.
    > The problem is that they don't really believe what the Bible actually says.
    > (I know G. Murphy will only say this is a possible interp), but it is pretty
    > clear to me that the Bible says that God used land and water to produce
    > life.

            Obviously a YEC interpretation of the Bible is possible - even for those who do
    see that Gen.1 does speak of creation of living things from the waters and the earth.
    Millions of Christians through the centuries, including some pretty smart ones, held
    this view. But YEC is (a) not the only way of reading the Bible and (b) in light of
    scientific developments is in massive conflict with what we know about the world. Thus
    this interpretation is untenable today.


    George L. Murphy

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