Re: YEC Invasion

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 12:22:13 EDT

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    In connection with a course I teach here called "Issues in Science and
    Religion," we might have a creationist speaker on campus. (The parents of
    one of my students have offered to pay the costs associated with this, it's
    a very nice offer I'm inclined to accept. I believe that students usually
    benefit when they see widely diverse views on the same issues.)

    As for which people, that's not clear yet. The suggestion has been made
    (by the patron in this case) that it might be Russell Humphreys or John
    Baumgardner, both physicists currently or formerly associated with Sandia
    Labs in New Mexico. (The patron lives in New Mexico and knows these men.)
    I know about both, mainly from web sources, and I've heard of both before.

    Here's my question for the list:

    Has anyone out there actually heard either of these men speak? If so, what
    is your overall impression/response? Do they present the case for YEC
    fairly (in your judgement), or do they come off as "snake-oil" salesmen as
    some creationist speakers do? How open are they to criticism of their
    views? How honest about the views they defend and those of their

    We aren't planning this as a debate, simply a presentation with lots of
    Q&A, including Q&A from the course faculty (there are three of us). Before
    we set something up, we want to know more fully what we're getting into with
    specific speakers.



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