Re: Fragility and tendentiousness

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Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 14:59:22 EDT

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    On Fri, 19 Sep 2003 08:54:47 -0500 "Steve Petermann"
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    > Dave wrote:
    > > I am guessing that the major reason why "intelligentsia" reject
    > > Christianity is that it is not PC.
    > Well lets look at some anecdotal data. I visit various churches in
    > the
    > Dallas area. Almost without fail all those churches(Methodist,
    > Presbyterian, Catholic, etc.) have what they call "seekers groups."
    > These
    > people are among what I all the intelligentsia, educated,
    > thoughtful,
    > critically thinking individuals. They are not interested in being
    > PC. They
    > are interested in a well reasoned faith. They are reading Borg,
    > Spong,
    > Barbour, Peacocke, etc. Why would they do that if they aren't
    > questioning?
    Your list of authors indicates that the "seekers" are questioning
    orthodoxy. Nothing that I have read from or about these gentlemen
    indicates that they support the exclusivism of orthodoxy. I believe that
    Augustine's "Thou hast made us for Thyself ..." holds. So there are
    seekers. But only in Christ, "very God of very God, very man of very
    man," do they actually find what they are seeking.

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