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Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 14:03:12 EDT

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    My qualm is that all studies made by the human mind need not be called
    science just to give it the prestige of, say, physics. It prostitutes
    the word and deceives those who do not know what science is and what it
    is not.


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    Moorad said: "The essence of a scientific theory is the ability to make
    predictions and not merely give explanations, which is pure

    John Casti argues otherwise, in the book review reference I just cited.

    He also argues that various sciences do better at explanations and other
    do better at predictions. QM does well at the latter; almost zip at the
    former. Evolution and weather forecasting the revere of this.

    Economics is the only one that does rather badly at both. <G>


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