Re: Fragility and tendentiousness

Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 13:15:27 EDT

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    > You presume too much. I attended the same seminary as George Murphy. My
    > mentor in Christian theology was Paul Tillich. My motives are varied but one
    > is not to <shake up the christians>. I have a great affinity for
    > Christianity. I just think it must change in order to be viable for the
    > future. The best way to refine one's own position is to meet the challenge
    > of opposing views. One doesn't grow arguing with the choir.

    I presume nothing.Your argument regarding ETs is ontologically irrelevant
    since any sentient being is subject to ontology. Tillich's The Courage to Be was
    my intro to ontology but that doesn't help or hurt my arguments, nor does his
    mentoring you help or hurt yours, although in this specific case, you've
    shortchanged ontology by mistakenly limiting ontology to human beings rather than
    sentient beings. Human beings only "fell" when they developed free will and
    loosened the bonds of instinct. Any sentient being undergoing the same process
    has to be phenotypically 'redeemed' via right behavior since developing free
    will is also the very development of the ability to err or "sin."

    rich faussette


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