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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 11:42:56 EDT

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    Richard wrote: " It's not the YEC's who bring harm to Christianity. It is
    the postmodernist-relativist interpretation of the Word that causes the
    greatest harm and creates masses of ex-Christians."

    A provocative claim. What are your grounds for it? I know the
    fundamentalist preachers have this as a chief argument. But I've not seen
    them argue any grounds, either.

    I personally know a fair number of "post modernists." And I've read
    others. David Ray Griffin, for instance. How is Griffin causing "great
    harm" and "creating masses of ex-Christians?"

    In all my correspondence and personal conversations with Griffin, and
    Marcus Borg, another post modernist, and William Dean, another post
    modernist, I have encountered Christian gentlemen, devout, sincerely
    interested in how to relate the faith to 21st century humanity. Borg's
    lectures at Montview Presbyterian Church in 2002 drew large audiences,
    almost all from local Christian communities. I find the writings of these
    fellow Christians stimulating, and supportive of the faith.

    Note that I do not agree with any of them in all they say and write. But
    they make me think.

    At our fairly conservative Presbyterian church in Durango, we will be
    studying another post modernist, Spong, this fall. His book, Why
    Christianity Must Change, or Die, is, of course, provocative. I expect we
    will, both collectively and individually, take issue with much Spong
    argues. But that is one way to learn.


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