Re: Post-Empiricism Science: A little surprised

From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 08:36:46 EDT

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    > Not at all. For physics and chemistry to be done they need at least
    these two
    > important presuppositions: 1) uniformity of law over space and time, and
    > uniformity of processes over space and time. Both Naturalism and
    > have these presuppositions, so physics and chemistry are pretty much the
    same in
    > either paradigm. The only difference might be when time becomes an issue.
    > Such as when it comes to the Creation week of earth's biosphere and the
    > Cataclysm. Witness evidence supplied by the Holy Spirit through
    > constrains the time since those events.
    > Allen

    This is simply appealing to a false understanding of the Bible with roots
    with the so-called revelations to Ellen White. It is acceptable neither to
    those who accord authority to the Bible or to those who accept the findings
    of science.
    If you are willing to believe such unbelievable stuff then there is no point
    in attempting any theological or rational discussion. It has no more to do
    with the Holy Spirit than the cult in Waco some 10 years ago.
    Sorry to be blunt, but but those who want to add to the revelation of Christ
    are totally and utterly wrong and should not be regarded as anything but
    some kind of heretic.
    It would be far more honest to say that you reject the teaching of science
    because of the visions of a Victorian lady and not to pretend that your
    beliefs have any scientific substance to them.
    Like George I prefer to base my faith on the person of Christ



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