Re: Fragility and tendentiousness

Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 08:18:34 EDT

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    > Christianity may not be that fragile as a whole now,
    > but what about 100, 500 years from now. The populace is becoming more and
    > more educated and critically thinking. The scientific worldview is sweeping
    > the globe. All it will take is something new to come along that speaks to
    > their needs but is less intellectually objectionable and there may be a mass
    > exodus.

    I have a scientific worldview. Both D.S. Wilson and Kevin MacDonald both
    wrote me to discuss the review I wrote of Darwin's Cathedral. Of course,
    MacDonald's work on Judaism is less than ten years old and Wilson's is pretty fresh,
    so it will take a while for people to catch up with the scientists and
    understand they should remain with the religion they are running away from, but in my
    opinion those who are leaving are doing so because they don't see religion
    from an educated perspective rather than the way you see it.
    I predict there will always be religion and it must always contain the
    element of Jesus' sarifice, given there are still beings with free will.
    rich faussette

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