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Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 08:01:07 EDT

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    > Can
    > there only be one Christ per planet? Do you see how ridiculous this line of
    > thinking becomes?
    > In the past religions could avoid these types of thought experiments but I
    > don't thing they can now. If a theology is supposed to be systematic, it
    > cannot avoid addressing these types of questions if it is to be considered
    > serious.
    > Steve Petermann

          It's hard to take Steve seriously. His fragility is based on a
    supposition. That when metaphysics is trashed the religion goes with it, the baby with
    the bath water. Ontology is the state of being, and an ontology on alpha
    centauri is ontology just the same. Jesus Christ made a demonstration of his life
    an ontological demonstration. If such an act were to be perpretrated
    elsewhere, let's simply hope there would be aspostles around to recognize it for what
    it was and spread the word to those heathens among the stars.
    With all the studies being done on religion, like Wilson's or Burkett's or
    MacDonald's or Colinvaux's you'd think that anyone holding a position contrary
    to a religious one would stop attacking the metaphysics and delve into the
    religion from a scientific perspective.
    when you watch star trek and kirk says - the one for the many, the many for
    the one - that's the self sacrifice - that's religion.

    rich faussette

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