Re: Post-Empiricism Science: A little surprised

From: Robert Schneider (
Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 22:53:03 EDT

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    Dave writes:

    > Del's writing on post-empirical science is descriptive of one current
    > approach to the investigation of the universe and its residents. It is
    > not to be taken prescriptively. There are other views he discusses.
    > Nothing of his that I've read indicates that he buys into that doctrine,
    > any more than my discussion of Logical Empiricism (which is nonsense)
    > makes me adopt it.
    > Dave

    Nor I, Dave. I was using the word "empirical" in reference to the
    scientific investigation of the world, not in the sense of Logical
    Empiricism as a philosophy of science, which I also reject.


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