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    Christ is the Creator of all and as such He exercises His free will and governs all, either from the inside or the “outside.” However, we cannot know how He does that and so no theory of man can wrestle with that question. That is my main point and thanks for your insightful comments.




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    > It seems to me that “formational history of the universe” leaves no room for human free will and, more extraordinary, free will even for the Creator. I see no difference between deism and all such speculations. Not to say that if Christ is part of the “formational history of the universe, then certainly Christ cannot be the Creator as stated in the Gospel of John, in full agreement with the Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc. Juggling words like “functional integrity of creation” seems to add equal confusion.
                  The universe has a "formational history" - there's nothing really debatable about that unless you think that the world was formed instantaneously as we see it. The question at issue is whether or not creation is "formationally robust" - i.e., able to develop as it has without miraculous divine intervention (which isn't to say "without any divine action at all"). Furthermore, a robust formational history need not be deterministic - i.e., the conecpt doesn't require that the present state of the world was hard
            wired into the big bang 14 x 10^9 years ago.
                To say that Christ is _not_ a participant in the formational history of the universe is to deny that "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us" (John 1:14). May I suggest that instead of trying to associate me with manifest heretics, you would do better to pay attention to what the Gospel of John actually says?

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