Re: RFEP and the Heart of Christianity

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 13:30:10 EDT

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    > Thank you for you detailed response. Its amazing how simply stated
    > definitions can clear things up. The RFEP as stated by you now appears much
    > less hostile to traditional Christian understanding of God and the World
    > than what I had picked up reading the posts on this list.

    1. The way in which I now state my RFEP is essentially the same as the way I
    have stated it for years. There have, however, been numerous occasions in
    which people have read into it all manner of things that I never actually
    said. It was never intended to cover the whole
    scientific/metaphysical/theological territory.

    2. By now you should know that reading posts on this list does not
    necessarily provide you with an accurate representation of what is actually
    the case.

    << Skip several sections in which you state how your own views differ from
    what you perceive the RFEP to represent>>

    > Finally, with regards to your question:
    >> By the way, Richard, you have a habit of concluding
    >> your messages with pious phrases like "In the service
    >> of Christ who forms all." Do you intend to imply that
    >> this puts you in a category different from the other
    >> members of this list?
    > Good question. I had mixed intents. In general, I like to end with my own
    > little kerygma and often I would do it with a word play on whatever was the
    > dominant theme of the note. I hadn't thought about it as seeming "pious" but
    > the fact that it seemed such to you is sufficient proof that it can be
    > interpreted that way. Of course, piety is not a bad thing for a Christian,
    > but I do understand that *displayed piety* can be a horrendous thing. And if
    > it unecessarily separates me from thee, I will henceforth desist.

    I think that would be an excellent idea.

    Howard Van Till

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