Re: RFEP and the Heart of Christianity

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Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 12:34:32 EDT

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    Howard wrote:

    >OK. The focus of the RFEP is the formational history of the universe --
    >the sort of things that big-bang cosmology, stellar astronomy, historical
    >geology and evolutionary biology are interested in.
    >Individual events that are not essential to these concerns of the
    >historical sciences can, in the spirit of the RFEP's limited focus, be
    >handled on an individual basis. The formation of the species Homo sapiens
    >would, however, clearly be something to which the RFEP is relevant.
    >The RFEP posits that form-conferring divine interventions are unnecessary
    >for the formational history of the universe (after t=0) but does not
    >categorically exclude them. Minimal naturalism and naturalistic theism do
    >go the next step and categorically reject supernatural action. But that's
    >a significant step beyond the RFEP.

    Our emails crossed paths. This would be explanation enough for
    me. Thanks, Howard.

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