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Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 08:30:55 EDT

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    I am not certain what I said to imply this. If one
    predicts a certain result and the experimental
    results are negative, then that is a falsification
    of the theory. If there is no definite prediction
    in the first place then that is not even
    potentially falsifiable.

    Sorry if I implied anything to the contrary.

    Actually, I remember the times before the neutrino
    was actually detected. It was predicted to have a
    low interaction with matter so the difficulty in
    detecting it was always expected (if it existed as
    predicted by Pauli).


    Jim Armstrong wrote:

    > Walter Hicks wrote:
    >> Hi Burgy,
    >> [snip]
    >> I have a very firm foundation (and
    >> credentials) in fundamental Physics and I
    >> question ...
    > [snip]
    > In light of that, I'm surprised that you appear
    > to equate "so far it has not been confirmed"
    > with "So far it has been falsified! "
    > Did the inability (for some time) to confirm the
    > existence of the neutrino falsify its existence
    > in the interim between the finding of the
    > momentum discrepancy and the direct verification
    > of the reality of the neutrino?
    > JimA

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