Re: Capuchin's show sense of justice/fair play

Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 00:39:56 EDT

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    As has been pointed out before, these experiments (and these days there
    seems a report like this - supposedly linking human morality/language to
    animal behaviour and vice versa - on a monthly basis) only show what
    animals do in a _post-event_ situation. The behaviour is correlated to
    post-event _results_ only, and is a post-cognitive phenomenon.

    To conclude from an experiment like this that "human's sense of justice is
    inherited and not a social construct" as these people are quick to do, is
    misplaced. The only viable conclusion could be that animal 'morality' (more
    accurately behaviour) is a results-based one.

    What these experiments can never do is to show the pre-meditative state of
    animals and this is where humans come in.

    Human beings seek justice for its own sake, not to get better quality food.
    The sense of justice, real pre-meditative justice, can never evolve.

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    Justice is no longer an exclusively human trait

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