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From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 22:38:03 EDT

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    Sigh !!

    Then why is it that the "YECs" that I know have no opinion whatsoever about
    the scientific notions that you suggest?

    Why is it that the YECs I know do not give any credence to science

    Why are your YECs so far removed from the ones that I know?

    Do we really live in that far apart in a world?

    Massachusetts is supposedly one of the great technical centres --- with MIT
    and Harvard and RPI and "wooster polly"., etc.

    Yet it is only out in your COW COUNTRY that science leads in the
    philosophical front of YECism??

    Maybe your cows are more susceptible to pseudo-science -- although one
    would expect exactly the opposite!


    I find this difficult to believe.

    But stranger things have been true.


    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > Walter posted: "The notion that God created a universe for men that had
    > all the history "built
    > in" is absolutely 100% indistinguishable from one wherein the history
    > actually
    > happened. There is absolutely no objective test that can distinguish
    > between
    > them."
    > I absolutely agree. That is Gosse's theory.
    > Walter continued: " Whenever I suggest this, all I get is a bunch of
    > pooh-poohs."
    > That is because the modern YECers don't use that argument, Walter. If
    > they did, they would not argue that "science" supports their nonsense. I
    > have personally asked them to comment on Gosse. They have consistently
    > ignored that request.
    > Gosse, to his eternal credit, did NOT cite science in support of his
    > theory. But you really need to read his book.

    I will try to get it from the Library

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