Re: ICR/AIG claims

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 17:48:41 EDT

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    On 9/9, Dave posted a hypothetical scenario, ending with: "In the first
    scenario, I had nothing to do with the crime, just the manipulation of
    evidence so that you get blamed. In the second, mine is the crime. In
    either, can I be credited with truthfulness? Similarly, however God
    created the universe, if he makes it seem that the deed was accomplished
    by totally other means than actually involved, do we have a truthful
    deity. Seems to me such a deity is as crooked as I in my scenarios,
    whether I plan ill or good."

    I understand where you want to go with the scenario, but, sorry, it is
    unpersuasive. To me.

    Thanks for trying. You made me think. <G>


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