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Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 18:06:48 EDT

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    Walter posted: "...what we see of history in the universe did not
    actually transpire. That is: God presented us with a universe with the
    'built in". Most here like to ridicule such a notion."

    I have two articles on the notion, first suggested by Gosse in 1857, in
    the YEC section (page 2) of my web site. I do not ridicule the notion;
    rather, I observe that it is intellectually coherent. Were I a YEC, it is
    precisely the way I would argue the YEC position.

    Note that if one assumes Gosse's arguments, there is no need to appeal to
    "science" to support it. It is 100% in conformance with all scientific
    data, past, present and future.

    There are several reasons it is not believable.

    1. Instead of arguing "4004 B.C.E." the argument is equally accurate in
    arguing "last Thursday."

    2. From the standpoint of philosophy, it is known as Russell's Paradox.
    How do you know you are not dreaming? How do you REALLY know you are not
    a "brain in a vat?" You don't. But you cannot live life with that

    3. Others argue that it makes God a liar. I don't buy this one, but most
    folks, including several on this list, do.

    4. There is no program of scientific research that can be deduced from
    it. That is, whether it is true or not, future research programs are

    5. It is, of course, unfalsifiable, which makes it a piece of philosophy,
    not science. There is no way to test it.

    None of the above 5 reasons are "ridicule" in any way, only sobor

    Personally, I look forward to chatting with Gosse in the next life -- I
    think he thought (and wrote about) something new (in his time) and ought
    to be commended for that work.

    If you've never read his book, OMPHALOS, you have missed a great reading


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