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Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 07:47:21 EDT

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    > I wonder if animals are pure instinct or not.

    That statement was not made. In addition to learned behavior, humans
    devleoped an expanded self consciousness, a fact that is stressed in all the
    religions, not just Christianity. Accordingly, the central element of personal
    religion is the ''self" sacrifice.

    > ertainly they are capable of significant learned behavior, as any animal
    > trainer can attest.

    Have you ever seen an 'animal' animal trainer?

    > The most radical of animal rights scientists claim the apes should be
    > accorded "personhood". Ok, a bit loony but a recent National Geographic
    > discussion saw a research scientist advance this position
    > The Bible seems to indicate they are aware of God as all creation waits for
    > the Sons of God to be revealed . Acts 10 seems to indicate they exist in
    > heaven as well.

    animals do exist in 'heaven.' To the extent their behavior is instinctive,
    they are doing the will of God. Not having free will, how do they sin?
    remember, the Bible is about pastoralists who domesticate animals. These are
    pastorlists' observations in the Bible based on pastoralist experience. Do you think
    sheep or cattle appear to think or do you think they might appear to behave
    instinctually to a pastoralist?
    don't think of trained chimps. They don't figure in the bible. restrict
    yourself to the Biblical milieu.

    > Perhaps our pride and faith in our own perception separate us from them as
    > well as our intellect.

    This does not compute.

    rich faussette

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