Re: Post-Empiricism Science: A little surprised

From: Robert Schneider (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 21:25:25 EDT

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    Allen wrote:

    > I thought that when I originally posted this there would be some clouds on
    > the horizon. I especially thought that Dick Fisher because this basically
    > makes his 10 points against YECs irrelevant to them. The reason why is
    > all his empirical data is not really empirical at but rather
    > of data within his paradigm. To the YECs, who start with a different
    > paradigm, yet one in which science can just as well be done, Dick's
    > interpretations find no reality. The same goes for Glen Morton, who is
    > continually saying that YECs ignore empirical facts and data, when in
    > they are simply interpreting the data within their paradigm. So, where's
    > the reaction?
    > Allen
    Bob's comment:

        Ultimately, every paradigm has to stand or fall on those pesky little
    things call empirical facts. While paradigms are theory laden and drive the
    interpretation of facts, the accumulation of facts that call a particular
    paradigm into question may reach such a weight that the paradigm is no
    longer sustainable. Thus, the massive amount of empirical data regarding
    the age of the earth weighed against a few anomalies, establish the validity
    of an ancient age.

        I question whether "paradigm" is the right term to use for a form of
    science that is overdetermined by a particular interpretation of the Bible
    and Genesis. In YEC you have facts and their interpretation tailored to an
    interpretation of a sacred text, whereas the evolutionary paradigm is based
    solely upon a "reading" i.e. interpretation of nature. The two are not
    really the same thing.

    Bob Schneider

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