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Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 12:52:42 EDT

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    Re: "Evolution is nothing like this. There is no specific "end result."
    That's an interesting assertion (and a pretty commonly held notion). But
    just for argument's sake, how do you know that?
    Another perspective suggests that creation is toodling along just finem
    guided generally or specifically (your choice of flavor) by a plan and
    processes put in place from the outset.
     From inside that plan, we would likely have no way of "divining" the
    outcome or even a reasonably full picture of the objective(s). JimA wrote:

    > Howard asked:
    > > If we are comfortable with this lack of discontinuity
    > > in our own gradual and natural developmental history
    > > from fetus to adult, why should we be uncomfortable
    > > envisioning a similar lack of discontinuity in the history
    > > of the species?
    > There seems to be a discontinuity between the two kinds of continuity
    > you are comparing, if I may play a bit with the words. :-)
    > In the process from fetus to adult, we do not have a transformation in
    > *kind* - the fetus is every bit as human as the adult. Quite the
    > opposite is true in the transformation from dead dirt to human, which
    > involves multiplied thousands of transformations from one species to
    > another, as well as the transformation of inanimate to animate!
    > How anybody could accept the latter proposition with anything less
    > than conclusive evidence would be the question I would pose. It
    > certainly *seems* highly improbably, if not impossible, given our
    > present knowledge.
    > Another important difference is that all the information required for
    > the natural development from fetus to adult already is present in the
    > fetus. Its end is essentially determined. Evolution is nothing like
    > this. There is no specific "end result." There is nothing that
    > compares to the "adult" in fetal development.
    > Howard, I would be interested in some further details of your robust
    > formational principle. Do you envision specific species like humans as
    > somehow "programmed" into the laws of nature + initial conditions,
    > or do you think that God simply ensured that "something"
    > intelligent would evolve?
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