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From: george murphy (
Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 20:20:25 EDT

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    > >>>It's the postmodernists who say science has proven the religious texts
    > are scientifically incorrect and then proceed to create a new morality out
    > of whole cloth without looking more closely at the old religion before
    > abandoning it that do great harm to Christianity.<<<
    > Couldn't agree with you more. It's not the YEC's who bring harm to
    > Christianity. It is the postmodernist-relativist interpretation of the Word
    > that causes the greatest harm and creates masses of ex-Christians.
    > Most harm that YEC's can do is to infuriate the likes of Dick Dawkins and
    > other post-modernist-relativists - which is probably a good thing!

            Whether or not Ham /et al/ say formally that one must accept a YEC
    position to be a Christian, the inference that many people naturally make from
    their statements that the truth of scripture requires a YEC interpretation of
    Genesis is that if the earth is old & evolution is true then Christianity must
    be false. When young people get this idea & then find out that there's a great
    deal of evidence for evolution, they may quite easily draw the conclusion that
    Christianity is false. Mt.18:6 applies here.
            Which is not to endorse the views of Dawkins, post-modern relativists
    &c. The notion that only 1 of the 2 extremes can be dangerous is of course
            & frankly it's hard for me to understand why anyone who cares an iota
    about science can still be debating this. I agree with Walt that a Christian
    who just doesn't care about science & quietly believes that Genesis is literal
    history isn't hurting anyone - as long as they don't give that idea to
    impressionable young people. But the scientific evidence for an old earth & an
    old universe is overwhelming, & to try to make a scientific case for a young
    earth today is just a joke.
            One reason this makes a difference to me is that I hate to see the ASA
    embarassed by continued discussions about this in either Perspectives or on
    this list. Of course the organization doesn't take an official stance on it.
    But I hesitate a bit to recommend either the journal or the list to mainstream
    Christians in science because I'm afraid they'll think we're nuts for still
    entertaining debates about the age of the earth. Let's get a life!



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