Re: My daughter is a YEC

Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 19:23:42 EDT

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    > >> But I think that constant attacks on YECs is unbecoming and out of
    > place.>>
    > I agree. But I think it is quite in line to attack their arguments and
    > positions, particularly when it is apparent that these do great harm to
    > Christianity.
    > Burgy

    YECs don't do great harm to Christianity if they behave like Christians. Why
    should Ken Ham even care how old the earth is? He is doing the will of God.

     “If Christian leaders have told the next generation that one can accept the
    world’s teachings in geology, biology, astronomy, etc., and use these to
    (re)interpret God’s Word, then the door has been opened for this to happen in every
    area, including morality.” Ken Ham

    It's the postmodernists who say science has proven the religious texts are
    scientifically incorrect and then proceed to create a new morality out of whole
    cloth without looking more closely at the old religion before abandoning it
    that do great harm to Christianity.


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