Re: Strange Bedfellows, Atheism and Naturaistic Theism

Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 18:56:43 EDT

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    > Both modern science and philosophy have created deep
    > conflicts with all traditional religions. If both religion an science are
    > not willing to take a fresh look at their presuppositions then there really
    > isn't anything new to address. The main question for Christianity, in my
    > view, is whether or not its core principals will be compelling to the people
    > as a modern and scientifically oriented worldview sweeps the globe.
    > Steve Petermann

    Modern science and philosphy have created deep conflicts with metaphysics,
    not with the traditional religions which consist of much more than metaphysics.
    The main question for Christianity and for all the major religions from a
    modern and scientifically oriented worldview is to understand how religions work.
    They're not confined to metaphysics. Religious beliefs and practices have
    real consquences for the people adopting them.

    Morality and religion are biologically and culturally evolved adaptations
    that enable human groups to function as single units rather than mere collections
    of individuals. (paraphrase from DS Wilson's Darwin's Cathedral).

    Not only is a dependence on metaphysics, not the core of religion, but a
    dependence on the reward of a heaven negates the self sacrifice, which is.

    rich fausstete

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