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Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 18:18:23 EDT

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    Thanks much for sending the presentation, which I've looked over and will
    be studying more in depth this week. There are small points I might
    quibble about*, but overall I like it a lot. I assume your target
    audience is one with a fair amount of both theological and scientific

    I found out yesterday that teaching high schoolers (9th and 10th grade)
    is challenging. They really know very little about anything! I have two
    more weeks -- I hope I can get some fundamentals across anyway.

    Thanks again.


    * liberals, for instance, are not likely to assert that "science explains
    something so God was not involved." At least not the liberals I know and
    respect. Liberals tend (I think) to emphasize the immanence of God as
    involved deeply (fundamentally) in everything (Whitehead and Griffin).
    They do frequently make the error (as I have told some of them) by
    saying conservatives only speak of the transcendence of God -- God is
    "out there" and not normally present. I have always thought that both
    attributes are important, and both have been taught in every fellowship
    I've been part of -- Evangelical Brethren, Quaker, Covenant, Church of
    God, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, and PCUSA.

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