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From: Jim Armstrong (
Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 12:26:04 EDT

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    Again, I'm reminded of a quote I ran across from nineteenth century
    Anglican clergyman Charles Kingsley,
        "We knew of old that God was so wise that He could make all things;
    but behold, He is so much wiser than that, that He can make all things
    make themselves."

    Isn't that nicely put?! JimA

    Jan de Koning wrote:

    > At 08:25 PM 14/09/2003 -0700, D. F. Siemens, Jr. wrote:
    >> Gordon,
    >> There is a problem with quoting a man a century back on evolution and
    >> day-age. At that time there was no hint of a Big Bang, but there was,
    >> thanks to Rutherford, a brief period for the earth's existence. In the
    >> current situation, the day-age interpretation is connected to OEC,
    >> with a
    >> very limited amount of evolution after the genus or family was
    >> introduced
    >> by creation. If you have recent citations that read differently, I'd
    >> like
    >> to hear them.
    >> Dave
    > You short change the knowledge of theologians of 100 years ago. Some
    > talked about evolution in a positive sense in the 1880's. Well known
    > for CRC (Christian Reformed Church) people are Abraham Kuyper and
    > Herman Bavinck.
    > Jan de Koning

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