A Cavalcade of Coincidence

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    In post http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/200309/0330.html Don wrote:

    > I conclude that Richard's biblewheel is
    > based mainly on coincidence and is of
    > little theological significance.

    I believe I adequately answered all the points Don made in support of this assertion, and demonstrated that his reasons pose no challenge whatsoever to the validity of the Wheel.

    This now brings us to the naked consideration of his claim that the Bible Wheel is in fact just a coincidence. How many converging factors are needed before one is convinced that something other than "mere coincidence" is going on here? What if many of these "coincidences" are not merely beautiful and fascinating, but also *optimal*?

    Below is a list of eleven of the most obvious high-level features of the Bible Wheel that anyone on this list can verify with little or no effort in a matter of minutes.

    Coincidence #1: A Perfect Circle

    Comment: This feature is *optimal*. The Circle is *unique* amongst all 2D figures in that it, and it alone, is infinitely symmetric. It has been used in religious iconography in all the worlds cultures throughout all history. It is the ultimate symbol of "things divine" and "things eternal." To find this unique figure as the geometric basis of the Holy Bible - a.k.a God's Eternal Word - is a stunning "coincidence" with great theological overtones. Cf. my article "The Eternal Circle"


    Coincidence #2: Radial and Bilateral Symmetry

    Comment: This feature is *optimal*. The seven traditional divisions of the Christian Canon exhibit both radial and bilateral symmetry when displayed on the Wheel. Symmetry considerations lie at the heart of both Aesthetics and Physics, as well as numerous other studies. Cf. my articles "Canon Wheel Explanation" and my review of "Fearful Symmetry":


    Coincidence #3: *Sevenfold* Symmetry

    Comment: This feature is *optimal*. It is common knowledge that Scripture is marked by the Number Seven in ways not shared by other symbolic biblical numbers such as 10, 12, and 40. From the Seven Days of Genesis to the Seven Seals of Revelation, Scripture is saturated with the Number Seven, which itself means "fullness" and completion. But there is also strong link based on a pun between Sheva (Seven) and Shaba (To Swear, to make an Oath) which carries the connation of the Bible as God's Oath, which adds greatly to our understanding why God marked His Word (Oath) with the Number Seven. To see all this, which is found in the TEXT of Holy Scripture, manifest in the SEVENFOLD SYMMETRY of its geometric representation as a PERFECT CIRCLE is an absolutely *maximized* over-the-top *optimal* proclamation of the DIVINE PERFECTION, FULLNESS and INTEGRITY of the whole Bible. Is there anyone amongst us who can call such a wonder as this a "mere coincidence?" Yet it is but the beginning of this cavalcade of divine coincidence. Here is my discussion of Seven and Scripture:


    Coincidence #4: The sevenfold symmetry can be *derived* from First Principles.

    Comment: This mimics many of the greatest discoveries of 20th century physics. The derivation uses only these three elements:

    1) A Model (i.e. the Bible Wheel representation of Scripture)
    2) Two Initial Conditions
    3) Maximal Symmetry Constraints.

    Here's the link to the Derivation:


    Coincidence #5: Isomorphism with the Tri-radiant halo

    Comment: The ancient tri-radiant halo has been used since at least the 6th Century to indicate Deity. It is isomorphic to the basic structure of the Bible Wheel - the Word of God!

    Coincidence #6: 22 Spokes integrate with the Hebrew alphabet
    Comment: The order of the Hebrew alphabet is established in the alphabetic verses of Scripture.


    This then leads to ten thousand insights and profound integration with Rabbinic teachings based on the alphabet. E.g. The third letter Gimel relates to the word Gomel meaning to give or deal abundantly. The Rabbis teach that this is the essence of Gimel. It integrates with Spoke 3 where we find II Corinthians and the greatest density of teachings on the idea of GIVING in all Scripture (e.g. God loves a cheerful giver, etc.) I write about this in my article "The Abundant Giver"


    Coincidence #7: Line of bilateral symmetry divides between Aleph and Tav

    Comment: This correlates with the extremely significant divine use of the alphabet in Alpha and Omega.

    Coincidence #8: Spoke 1 consists of 1st books of the Law, Prophets, and NT Epistles

    Comment: Here is the structure:

    Genesis....First Book of the Law
    Isaiah.......First Book of the Prophets
    Romans...First Book of the NT Epistles.

    This structure is absolutely *optimal*. Note also the NT writers refer to Scripture as "The Law and the Prophets.

    Coincidence #9: Spokes 15,16,17

    Comment: The integration of these Spokes has been noted by many scholars who knew nothing about the Wheel. This is discussed, along with many other symmetric correlations, in my article "Symmetries of the Bible Wheel"


    Coincidence #10: Hebrew Word for Wheel (Galgal) sums to 66, the number of books in the Wheel.

    Comment: The standard numerical value of the Hebrew word Galgal (Wheel) is 66, the number of books in the Bible Wheel. It should also be noted that the Sepher Yetzirah declares that God placed the alphabet in a Circle (Galgal). This is discussed in my article "An Ancient Witness"


    Coincidence #11: Hebrew Word for Wheel (Galgal) is cognate with Golgotha, the central theme of Scripture.

    Comment: Paul declared "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified." (I Cor 2.2) This is the central event of all Scripture. It happened at the place called Golgotha, which is an Aramaic name from the Hebrew Galgalut (Skull), and is cognate with the Hebrew word Galgal meaning Wheel. Scripture typologically relates this word to the rolling away of our sins (cf. Josh 5.9) This is discussed in my article "Golgotha: The Axis of the Wheel"


    In service of Christ, the Living Logos,

    Richard Amiel McGough
    Discover the sevenfold symmetric perfection of the Holy Bible at http://www.BibleWheel.com

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