Re: My daughter is a YEC -- omphalos argument, "YEC" Nomenclature, &c.

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Sun Sep 14 2003 - 14:51:58 EDT

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    George Murphy wrote:.

    > E.g., the 1968 doctrinal statement _This We Believe_ of the Wisconsin
    > Evangelical Lutheran Synod explicitly teaches that creation took place in "six normal
    > days" and rejects evolution & any attempt to interpret scripture to bring it into accord
    > with evolution. They would not say that everyone who thinks the earth is old or accepts
    > evolution is going to hell, but they do say that that person teaches false doctrine &
    > would refuse church fellowship with him or her.

    Thanks for the reference, george. I looked them up on the web and a 1999 update says the
    same thing. I found it interesting that they made note that this was primarily a statement
    for discussion within the church and not primarily an outreach tool.

    It is too bad that ICR and the like would not do likewise and keep their "light" under a


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