Re: My daughter is a YEC -- omphalos argument, "YEC" Nomenclature, &c.

From: George Murphy (
Date: Sun Sep 14 2003 - 06:44:09 EDT

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    Walter Hicks wrote:
    > Sorry if I implied anything to the contrary.
    > The term YEC is used on this list almost always in a negative
    > fashion and implying that one believes it as a matter of Christian
    > Doctrine. Admittedly, some of the extreme supporters of Creation
    > Science do so. If one is attacking those people, I think that we
    > should be clear and call them "Creation Scientists" -- not YECs.

            Participants on the asa list are people interested in the relationships between
    science and Christianity. "YEC" (spelled out or as an acronym) is 1st a technical term
    for those who hold a particular view about creation. It is viewed negatively by most on
    the list because, if one takes science seriously and is not content with the "apparent
    age" argument, it is manifestly wrong.

            But I don't think most of us mean to attack conservative Christians who've never
    given much thought to the matter & just accept creation in 6 24 hour days because it's a
    traditional way of understanding the matter. We may of course wish they were better
    informed. Criticism is directed primarily toward those who resist & in some cases
    distort scientific evidence & other biblical interpretations in order to maintain a YEC

    > Maybe there are some YECs who believe that it is a matter of
    > Christian Doctrine but I cannot find any on the internet. I have
    > searched under "statement of faith" and have yet to come up with a
    > church which makes any statement about the age of the earth or a
    > critique of evolution in that category. Web pages perhaps -- but
    > never as a requirement to be a Christian.

            E.g., the 1968 doctrinal statement _This We Believe_ of the Wisconsin
    Evangelical Lutheran Synod explicitly teaches that creation took place in "six normal
    days" and rejects evolution & any attempt to interpret scripture to bring it into accord
    with evolution. They would not say that everyone who thinks the earth is old or accepts
    evolution is going to hell, but they do say that that person teaches false doctrine &
    would refuse church fellowship with him or her.
    George L. Murphy

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