Re: My daughter is a YEC -- omphalos argument, "YEC" Nomenclature, &c.

From: Dr. Blake Nelson (
Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 20:24:04 EDT

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    Sorry, apparently my statement below wasn't clear

    I do *not* equate the two.

    I cannot speak for others on the list, but I see the
    two as distinct. I was unaware that YEC, at least as
    you understand it and perhaps as others use it on the
    list, is used to cover individuals who do not fit into
    the categories that I indicated I use the acronym to
    refer to.

    I hope that makes it clear. In other words, I *never*
    intended to include the attitudes/beliefs of your
    daughter in my use of the term YEC (although I have
    not used the term very often).

    --- Walter Hicks <> wrote:
    > It seems to me to be quite incorrect to equate so
    > called "Creation
    > Science" with the average person who happens to
    > believe that Young
    > Earth Creation is the truth. I believe that the
    > statistics show
    > that most Christians hold the YEC view. I know a
    > number of them
    > and none of them subscribe to that as a "Christian
    > Doctrine". If
    > they did they would not be in our church.
    > There is always the danger of people like Gish and
    > Morris sneaking
    > in with pseudo science that could fool an average
    > person. They are
    > the one's to attack..
    > Giving bad press to YECs in general does more harm
    > than good in my
    > opinion. It can easily turn then into an adversary
    > who looks to
    > "scientists" to prove you wrong. It can easily do
    > exactly the
    > opposite of what you intend.
    > My daughter is YEC and she is a wonderful Christian
    > Woman. I think
    > that the sample space on this list may be highly
    > skewed.
    > Walt
    > "Dr. Blake Nelson" wrote:.
    > >
    > > I would agree if when someone says YEC they mean
    > > anyone who thinks the universe was created 6,000
    > years
    > > ago but does not espouse that as a christian
    > doctrine.
    > > When I have used YEC, as noted above, I mean
    > > something other than someone who just happens to
    > > believe in recent creation. Sorry for the
    > confusion
    > > in my use of the term.
    > >
    > > The fact of the matter is, unless it taints one's
    > > understanding of Jesus (as I think it apparently
    > does
    > > for Gish), whether one believes in young or old
    > earth
    > > is immaterial to the working of the Holy Spirit in
    > > one's life.
    > >
    > > It is obviously the case due to the historical
    > fact
    > > that the kerygma is effective regardless of the
    > state
    > > of scientific understanding in a culture (contrary
    > to
    > > the apparent beliefs of some of our less informed
    > > recent and long-standing atheist visitors). The
    > > kerygma is not about the scientific state of
    > affairs,
    > > but the Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.
    > Our
    > > response to it does not depend on our scientific
    > > understandings or lack thereof.
    > >

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