Re: Logical Arguments Against God

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 14:18:28 EDT

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    Debbie writes

    >How does anyone, let alone an atheist, know what God wants? I claim, from
    >studying the Bible, that what God wants is as much free choice love as
    >possible. Everything else is secondary.

    It's yet another rainy weekend here in D.C. I like to delay
    my responses, but this forum is free "entertainment."

    Anyway, your argument is something like "let's use the
    candles so we can see at night." Nothing wrong with it,
    per se, except that it is outdated and irrelevant. We
    have electricity to handle such matters.

    "Free choice love" is negated by reality. "Sugar daddies"
    don't come any bigger than the Christian god. That guy
    will get you eternal bliss. Who wouldn't love him? As
    indicated in my original post, those who believe the evidence
    for him is insufficient. I don't "free choice love" Zeus,
    and I don't "free choice love" Jesus.


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