Re: Logical Arguments Against God

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 12:48:17 EDT

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    Theodore writes

    >1.) If the Christian God exists, he wants ALL humans to know he exists.
    >2.) If the Christian God exists, he knows what evidences are sufficient
    >for ALL to know that he exists.
    >3.) Not ALL people believe in God.
    >4.) God's evidences, thus far, are insufficient for ALL to believe.
    >5.) God either wants atheists to exist or there is no God. (from 2,3 and
    >(If God wants atheists to exist... why all the threats of Hell and
    >damnation in Christian theology?)

    Let's face it. Christianity is a pretty good deal. Sacrifice
    in this life (some would say it is no sacrifice at all) and get
    eternal bliss.

    There are a lot of people who sell a lot of things in this world.
    The world has known thousands of "gods." Any person would choose
    heaven over hell, if it really were a choice. Love pleasure,
    avoid pain. Pretty basic stuff.

    Too many Christians are too willing to judge others. Mental
    contortions are widespread when Christians try to justify hell.
    Many just treat it as a metaphor.

    Basically, those who believe in heaven or hell insult the intelligence
    of those of us who don't. You'd have to be incredibly stupid to pass
    on heaven or accept hell.

    The saving grace of Christianity is that it is indeed a belief. As
    soon as evidence against outweighs evidence for, you're free of

    Sadly, Christianity employs mind control tactics to prevent proper
    questioning. Threats of displeasing God, and the need to take every
    thought captive to Christ are just two means to stunt healthy questioning.

    So, perhaps an emotional tirade may ensue, but I'm gonna post this


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