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From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 12:28:52 EDT

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    Jan wrote:

    >The trouble with both approaches as Peter proposes them is, that in both
    >cases Science is taught as standing on its own. The way Peter proposes
    >them, one can have Christianity without a thorough Christian view on all
    >of life. But, our view on Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Justice and so
    >on is based on our view of God , Jesus, salvation is all part of our view
    >on the totality of life. That means that we accept what God tells us in
    >his created reality we take as God telling us something as well. God is
    >telling us the truth in Scripture as well as in His Creation. He does not
    >tell us different things.

    A Christian mathematician had better get the same answer to a math problem
    that a non-Christian does. A scientist doing an experiment should get
    valid results regardless of his religious persuasion or he needs to turn in
    his Bunson burner. If we allow our Christianity to color our science it
    impugns our integrity, both as a scientist and as an honest
    Christian. This is exactly the problem our Christian brothers have who
    fall for YEC. The Bible says X, science says Y, so they change Y to X
    because the Bible says so. This is wrong!

    I would assert that the Bible says X which is misinterpreted as Y. Science
    says X. Misinformed Christians who lack integrity try to change X to Y to
    conform with their misunderstanding. Ironically, If they did their science
    with complete honesty regardless of their religious belief they would be
    conforming to the Christian message anyway.

    What did the blind man say when he was healed? Did he affirm that his
    healer was the Son of God? No. He just testified as to what he knew. He
    was an honest reporter. That's all God asks of us.

    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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