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Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 11:27:56 EDT

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    I agree entirely. In fact I am pretty much convinced that the universe has been
    around lo these billions of years. I take a position because I am interested in
    science. The vast majority of people are NOT into science at all. My point is
    that many people ---- such as my daughter ---- could care less about the big
    bang and other scientific issues. When I say "care less" I mean that she allows
    that opinion of scientists may or not be correct and it has no bearing on her
    religion. She gives respect to others and has no use for anyone who finds it
    necessary to stuff their ideas down her throat as if it is important to her
    religion -- be it either Gish or ASA.

    And I think she is right!


    "Howard J. Van Till" wrote:

    > One comment on a portion of this discussion.
    > I take both of the following to be true.
    > 1. You cannot empirically distinguish between a) a universe with a real 14
    > billion year history from b) one that is 6000 years old (or 6 minutes old)
    > with a built-in appearance of having had a 14 billion year history.
    > 2. You cannot empirically distinguish between a) a creation fully-gifted by
    > God with a robust formational economy (including the ability to evolve) and
    > b) the universe of materialism that just happens to exist and also happens
    > to have a robust formational economy (including the ability to evolve).
    > Does that mean that there is no way to evaluate the relative merits of
    > propositions a) and b) in each example? No, it means that that evaluation
    > must be made on criteria other than empirical -- theological, biblical,
    > philosophical, aesthetic, ....
    > Howard Van Till

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    In any consistent theory, there must exist true but not provable statements. (Godel's Theorem)

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