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Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 11:35:48 EDT

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    > To be honest, one of the reasons that I felt that Christianity is the
    > "correct religion" is that it only requires a non-intellectual basis to become a
    > committed a Christian and des NOT require the IQ of those on this list!!!!
    > Those on this list seem to demand that a person be obligated to accept the
    > most recent "advances" in science --- what ever those might be -- and
    > whatever questions (Like "Dark matter', "dark Energy" Multiple Universes' etc.
    > remain.)

    I have remarked that the Torah is written in allegories to communicate to the
    masses and the intellectuals and I have done some very fruitful Biblical
    interpretation resting on that conviction supported by Jewish scholars themselves.
    Regardless of whether or not one grasps the surface or the deep allegory, the
    behavioral admonitions at each level are the same which means you can be a
    Christian regardless of the depth to which you intellectually penetrate the
    Scriptures. As long as you behave like a Christian, you are a Christian. You
    don't have to understand the hows or whys. You just have to surrender.

    Christianity is the correct religion. It requires only the self sacrifice.
    Not tenure.

    rich faussette

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