Re: A modest proposal

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 07:48:36 EDT

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    I have a set of lectures on origins, appropriate for delivering in either a
    short (2-hour) or long (4-hour) version, that I give occassionally in
    churches. It was originally developed for an introductory course on
    physical science that I used to teach here, though it also contains some
    more sophisticated material, such as a graduate seminar I led at Princeton
    University called "Understanding Intelligent Design."

    I employ the "show and tell" method, in which I pass out books representing
    each position I outline, and talk about the books while people flip through

    It also includes a quick overview of some of the things that various
    Christians have believed, concerning the interpretation of the Genesis
    creation accounts.

    I'm doing it next, at a church in the NYC metro area this coming January.
    It's also part of the course we will offer next summer for high school
    teachers on our campus.


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