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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 21:01:08 EDT

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    Some of you may remember when the YEC's finally accepted the idea of glaciation and the ice ages - then they finally gave up and went with plate tectonics, not exactly the "standard" version, what's next? But then again I can't say some of them are much more stubborn than some other geologists have been over some issues we finally gave up and admitted the evidence supported.

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        But there can, and do, come times when sufficient accumulation of contrary evidence
        causes a 'flip' in one's perspective - a change in one's worldview, if you like. Sometimes
        such a change can be a quite major overhaul of one's former beliefs.

      I agree.
      The opposite can also happen.
      The new perspective can affirm one's beliefs to such an extent that one maintains them as never before.


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