A modest proposal

From: Jim Armstrong (jarmstro@qwest.net)
Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 20:21:44 EDT

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    Like some of you, I have been bothered by the fact that the Creationist
    community essentially defines the Christian position on origins for most
    unbelievers, enquirers and the media. The alternative Christian
    perspectives are several in number and as one consequence there is no
    single unified voice taking public issue with the Creationist
    perspectives. I am heartened by the number of you that are addressing
    this problem in your own churches and communities, and I see some of
    that in my own as well.

    I was also touched by the pamphleting that one of the list participants
    engaged in following one Creationist lecture. They found a way to do
    something proactive.

    And I'm really impressed with Burgy and Josh Bembenek's single-handed

    All I would like to see is a chance for people outside the Christian
    community to know that there are other alternatives, in particular to
    know that not every Christian thinks that the matter of evolution is an
    either-or, God-or-atheism proposition with respect to Christianity.

    [cut to the chase] An idea occurred to me which won't fix the imbalance,
    but maybe it is a gesture in the right direction. Take a look at

    This is just a draft, but the idea is that it would be really easy and
    economical to create visibility for just the headline and URL
    (windshield wiper spacer, insert, ad, billboad, blimp, body paint)
    anywhere in the country. Maybe it would create enough visibility and
    curiosity to let at least a few more folks know there are alternatives
    to the God-or-atheism choice.

    The idea is just to inform, not persuade. Better public awareness alone
    should be a good thing.

    I dunno if this is a workable or worthwhile notion or not. Whaddya
    think? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

    Jim Armstrong

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