Evolution Seminar For Church

From: Josh Bembenek (jbembe@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 17:17:15 EDT

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    Tommorrow I am presenting a seminar titled "Science and Faith, Where Does
    Evolution Fit In?" to the apologetics team at Watermark Community Church
    here in Dallas. The class is advertised to be held for the general
    attendees of Watermark October 11th after Ken Ham's Sunday service October
    5th. I will get feedback from the apologetics team, and hopefully those
    here would also offer comments. If you would like to review the ppt file
    (with notes) please email me personally at jkbembe@mac.com and I will
    forward it to you. Thank you for your time,

    Josh Bembenek

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